Feature Films

P L E A S E   C O M E   W I T H   M E


Director: Michael Ciulla 

Writers: Michael Ciulla, Sara Lindsey 

Music by: Roman Kovalik 


In this exploration of love, commitment, and trust, a long-time couple is forced to navigate the delicate waters of their relationship and the life-changing events they experience over the course of a year. (92 min, 12 Part Film Project, 2019)


T H E   C R Y 


Director: Ryan Robert Minford 

Writer: Ryan Robert Minford 

Music by: Roman Kovalik 


In a secret disivion of the CIA, an operative returns to the light a year after he vanished. He is on a redemption path, but what he doesn't know is that his own country wants him dead too, and he'll be forced to face two threats on his way to freedom. (86 min, Obscure MGK, 2019)

U G L Y   S W E A T E R   P A R T Y 


Director: Aaron Mento 

Writer: Aaron Mento 

Music by: Roman Kovalik 


An ugly sweater party turns into a bloodbath when an evil Christmas sweater possesses one of the partygoers. (81 min, Ocular Migraine Productions, 2018)

B U T T E R F L Y   C A U G H T  


Director: Manny Rodriguez Jr.  

Writer: Manny Rodriguez Jr.  

Music by: Roman Kovalik


Three aspiring young women (Naomi, Joe, and Elsa) set out to break into the acting business. Even though they all are completely aware of the surrounding evils of their desired careers, the shortcuts to achieving instant fame will aways be tempting. Butterfly Caught captures the competitive grind of an actor and the thirst for relevance in a city that often recycles through talent and destroys ambitions. (102 min, Heckfire Films, Toward The Sun Productions, 2017)